March 26, 2020
Sigma Tau Delta Internation English Honor Society
Sigma Tau Delta Enrollment During COVID-19
Sigma Tau Delta Chapter Advisors:

With the ongoing developments with COVID-19, the Sigma Tau Delta leadership and staff are committed to continuing our work by supporting our chapters while also ensuring resources are available and comply with any safety precautions put into place. We acknowledge that for many, Sigma Tau Delta may not be a priority right now. We will be flexible for your plans for membership and induction ceremonies.

You can still invite eligible students for Sigma Tau Delta Membership and enroll them in Write Away without hosting an induction ceremony due to the ongoing limitations on social gatherings. Our top priority is your health and safety. There are current eligibility benefits to students if they become members now rather than waiting until the fall semester:

Chapter Advisors have multiple responsibilities that fluctuate throughout the year, and so rescheduling your spring induction ceremony to the fall semester will be challenging at best, and for some, not possible. Please know that an in-person ceremony is NOT required. You can instead invite new members in the fall to a general meeting to pick up their certificates and pins, and/or create a “mini version” of your ceremony at a meeting. Or, host a virtual ceremony for your chapter. Whatever works for you! Please let us know how we can assist.

Please note: We are unable to mail certificates and pins at this time due to the shelter-in-place order in the state of Illinois, and plan to mail them to chapter advisors after May 1, 2020. If this changes, we will notify you.

Student Enrollment Options

Sigma Tau Delta Chapters Advisors have two options for enrolling new members in Write Away:
  1. Invitation Enrollment. Use this process when possible to streamline payment options and allow students to enter their own profile information.
  2. Classic Enrollment. Use if you are unable to use Invitation Enrollment. Please note, we are unable to accept individual student checks. One university/chapter check may be mailed to the Central Office, or you may pay by credit card in Write Away.

Chapters Currently In-Process of Enrolling Students

With the rapidly-evolving COVID-19 health pandemic, chapters may have been in the process of inviting and inducting students. Wherever you are in the enrollment process we will help you finalize enrollment. You can wait until a later date to have a ceremony and distribute certificates/pins; OR hold a virtual induction ceremony. 

Have you:
completed an induction cycle process and submitted payment to the Central Office?
New members will be activated in Write Away once we receive the induction fee payment. We plan to mail certificates/pins to Chapter Advisors after May 1, 2020

completed an induction cycle using the Classic Enrollment process but have not Submitted Payment to the Central Office?
You may finish this cycle and mail payment if you are able to do so, or you may wait and finish the process when you are able to return to campus. New members will be activated when  the Central Office receives the induction fee payment. We plan to mail certificates/pins to Chapter Advisors after May 1, 2020.

begun an Invitation Enrollment Process that has not yet closed?
New members will be activated as soon as the induction fee payment is made by the student (member pay option) or chapter (chapter pay option). We plan to mail certificates/pins to Chapter Advisors after May 1, 2020.

Chapters Unable to Enroll Students this Semester

If your chapter was in danger of going inactive this semester due to no new members enrolled in the last two years, the deadline to enroll new members automatically will be extended at least to the end of the 2020 calendar year.

If you have graduating seniors that are eligible for membership, but you are unable to enroll them at this time, you may add these students after graduation, through June 30, 2020. If needed, we will extend this deadline at a later date.

Contacting the Central Office

Again, your health and safety are our top priority; however, please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. Contact the Central Office staff, currently working remotely, via email. Please do not call the Central Office at this time. If you have general questions and are not sure who to contact, please email

Thank you for all you do, it’s truly appreciated!

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